I really thought we had a deal

Rach was going to let you know I'm the new ambassador for Profile Magazine's Gourmet section.  It's been in the cooker for a while now, and we were so excited when it hit the streets back on September 1.

Rach let all of her InsuranceWorks clients know right away.  Feel free to check out the InsuranceWorks FB page for 'up-to-date' news.  
But you were forgotten.  She did this whole "I have my own business, and a two year old, and a 3 year old, plus my Women With a Voice event (which is great by the way, I cook for it, and the next one's coming up on Tuesday October 20, let me know if you'd like some more info).  She said she's sorry.

Here's our first column:

I love the way spring flavours flit around in my mouth – long before I’ve even cooked them.   They’re so memorable, so exciting that even a long cold winter (with all it’s read wine and meaty stews) can’t make me forget what absolute treats we are in for.

The days are finally getting longer and I for one have been enjoying the opportunity to stop in at the local diner for a milkshake in the afternoon with my family while we watch the hustle and bustle of the days end and the nights beginning unfold around us.

Sunday arvo beers with friends is an awesome way to kick off an early BBQ, showcasing the best of what spring has to offer.  Swordfish is fantastic at this time of year -don’t be afraid to cook it on the flat plate outside, just splash it with a bit of evoo and salt and pepper.  Make the most of ruby red great fruit by turning it into a salsa to serve with your swordfish.  Segment with another type of citrus like orange or lime (or both) and slice some fresh mint, some spring onion and fresh chilli if you’re feeling fancy.

Asparagus is one of spring’s best gifts – even if it only hangs round for a month or two.  Chuck this on the barbie too with some evoo salt and peper and you’ll win over the toughest green vegie critic.  I’m all for preserving foods and I get that it had to be done – but asparagus in a tin gives greens a bad name.  Whoever invented that one has a bit to answer for if you ask me.
I’d love to encourage you as the weather warms up to try something new.  Grab a leg of new spring lamb, deboned and butterflied (your butcher will do this for you) and give it rub- go on, get your hands dirty.  I like ras el hanout, which you can buy – or make your own with ground nutmeg, cumin, coriander, turmeric, paprika, fenugreek, garam masala, cloves and cinnamon.  Chuck it on the BBQ instead of roasting it and all those smoky flavours will be making your tummy rumble long before you’re actually hungry.

Some boiled new potatoes tossed with butter, sea salt, dill and mint are best mates with either the lamb or the fish, and you can turn leftovers into a potato salad the next day.

Go out and get some sun on your skin this spring, the backyard BBQ’s calling.  Invite your friends – good food should always be shared.

I hope you enjoyed it.  Let me know if you'd like a copy of the mag for your coffee table and I'll post one out.

October's news will be on time ;)!