What luxury looks like

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Until recently, I thought that the finer things in life were for other people.  Not me.  I remember visiting Puerto Banus in Spain when I was 28 and being completely awestruck by the extravagance everywhere I looked.  The marina was littered with 5 storey mega-yachts, a Lamborghini here, a Ferrari there and designer clothing on every person we passed. 

We chose lobsters from a tank on a cobbled pavement, drank sangria and ate and laughed with our friends while we imagined we were living the life of the rich and famous.  At 28, it all seemed so unattainable. 

Most of my life, I’ve resisted any changes I thought were ‘too fancy’ or ‘over the top’ because I came from working stock, and was proud of it.  Life wasn’t meant to be easy. 

If I saw something that I admired, I’d only ever allow myself to entertain the idea of owning it if it had a rock solid use.  Extra points if it was a tool I could use to help me work more, and work harder. 

I’m not sure exactly when things started to shift – maybe the seed was planted at my very first function in Buderim for a beautiful client named Deb.  Her home overlooked the whole of the Sunshine Coast and standing from her balcony, admiring the view, maybe I dared myself to dream. 

Whenever it started, I know that a few years on, my mind works differently.  For my work, I’m lucky enough to frequent the most exquisite homes on the Sunshine Coast (think huge chandeliers in the kitchen, crystal sinks in the bathroom and yachts moored on the back deck).  In days gone by, I’d have imagined these were things I could never own. I know that I need only to be clear about that being a goal and then to aim high. 

Now I’m not saying I’ve changed so much.  My ultimate experience remains as it’s always been – waves crashing, camp-fire burning, a soft blue cheese and red wine with some Jack Johnson playing quietly in the back ground. 

But what I know now is that if I want to sail on a yacht around the Mediterranean, sipping champagne and eating beluga caviar, then I’ll need to stick a picture of this on my wall, and own it.  I can have the best of both worlds.  What I’ve come to realise that while the finer things in life are for other people, they’re also for me, and in fact, they’re for anyone who dares to believe they can. 

Some people define luxury as being rich.   For me – luxury is a family that loves me.  Health.  (good) food on the table.  So I look around, and I feel rich beyond measure.  That’s my idea of luxury – what’s yours?