Privacy Policy

Your personal information is kept that way; we don’t share it with third parties. If we have your details, it’s because you’ve gotten in touch, via email, telephone or at an event.

We send a newsletter about once a month and we do our best to include all new and potential clients on this list.  It includes an unsubscribe button, so please don’t let us annoy you!  Press no thanks, and you’ll be promptly removed.

If we pass your details on to a third party, it’s because you’ve directly asked for information the third party possesses.  Our more common practice is to pass these details on to you, our customer.  Either way, your details aren’t waved in the air for one and all to see.  

We’re proud of what we do, and love to take pictures of people enjoying our food.  If you have some great shots you’d like to share with us, please jump on to our Facebook page and post away. If you’d prefer your event photos to remain private, please let us know. Our pictures are generally of food, and we’ll ask for your permission before posting photos of your guests on social media.

We don’t collect or store payment details as all payments are made via direct debit.

If you’ve provided us with your address, from time to time, we may send you offers or even (occasionally) gifts in the mail.  It’s hard work posting stuff though – so it won’t happen often.  That’s a promise.

If you need to make a complaint – don’t feel bad.  That’s how we learn and grow and we’d LOVEyou to complain to us, instead of someone else.  You being happy is our number one priority, so please call or email if our food or service hasn’t exceeded your expectations.  We really want to get this right, every time.